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Our Mission

A Puppy to Love is a subsidiary of A heart for Puppies. We are run by the same and we keep the same mission.

The mission of A Puppy to Love is to exceed our customer’s expectations and connect families with a puppy that they can love and cherish for the rest of their lives. We at A Puppy to Love go the extra mile to make sure your puppy is ready to transition from our home to yours. Instead of focusing on making a sale, we will ensure that each new home meets our expectations. Aside from building a business, we want strong relationships to be at the center of everything we do while giving God the glory.

Puppy Comes First!

Our families nurture healthy puppies that are ready to love and be loved. It can be difficult to bond with any pup that does not get enough affection and care early on, which is why we commit our resources to giving each little friend the care they need right away. Our goal is to find homes that keep the puppy love going. This means supporting you in the search process and getting your furry friend home safe with all fuzz and friendliness intact. 

Where We Call Home

A Heart for Puppies is located right in the middle of rural northern Indiana. We enjoy the wide-open fields, small town life, and the wonderful people who live around us. Our puppies live on a spacious farm, but they are not alone. The loving families who care for the pups have many other animals as well. 

We encourage every customer to visit the farm and experience the peacefulness and serenity that the country has to offer.