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Purdue University is proud to offer this program purely as a public service. The Standards of Care were created by Dr. Candace Croney, Ph.D. at Purdue University, in 2013 based on existing and ongoing research along with a Scientific Advisory Committee. Breeders seeking certification must meet or exceed rigorous physical and behavioral welfare standards in nutrition, veterinary care, genetics, housing, handling, socialization, enrichment, and exercise.
For the consumer, the voluntary choice of becoming a Canine Care Certified breeder indicates that puppies and dogs are raised under an independently audited program that ensures that specific health and welfare standards have been met. Canine Care Certified breeders attend to their dog’s physical, genetic, and behavioral health. They are committed to raising the bar on the standard of care and attention they offer their dogs.
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A Puppy To love Difference

We at A Puppy to Love want to make each pup’s transition into their new home as seamless as possible. The first eight weeks of a puppy’s life are busy and exciting for our crew on the farm. Those who raise the puppy are busy exercising, socializing, training, and raising the puppies. The result is the puppy of your dreams!

Early life socialization is the best way to ensure your new fur-baby lives a long, happy, healthy life.

Healthy Puppy Guarantee

Each puppy comes microchipped, dewormed, and up to date on vaccines. We have our local vet perform regular checkups on each puppy to ensure that they are ready for their new home. Each family gets a custom folder with a vaccine schedule, vet report, and health certificate.

Puppy Food Package

Each puppy is sent home with a package that includes, one small bag of high quality puppy food, a booklet with recommended feeding instructions, nutritional info, and training instructions.

Basic Training

Our team works extensively with each puppy to prepare them for their new life. Areas of training we focus on include; Crate training, Leash training, and basic potty training.

3-Year Genetic Guarantee

A Puppy To Love is offering a three year warranty from purchase date against any genetic defects that will cause a shortened life.

A Puppy to Love is a Family Affair

We at A Puppy to Love enjoy finding the perfect family for all of our puppies.  We strive to provide an excellent start for our puppies by loving and taking care of the parents making sure all are healthy and happy.  Therefore you receive a healthy and happy puppy so we all can live our best lives.  When you bring A Puppy to Love into your family, you then join our family.  Like family, we are here for you now and as needed in the future.  Give Mac a call today, and let us find your perfect match.


Our Accreditations


The AKC Canine Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing and treating diseases in all dogs.


"We are not just improving the dog world... we're changing it!"


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